Protecting You from Debit Card Fraud

At The Peoples Bank, the protection of your identity and account information is our foremost priority.  To address potential debit card fraud issues, we are actively monitoring payment networks to protect your account(s).  From time to time, the bank may take proactive steps to prevent possible fraudulent transactions by contacting you directly to verify a transaction(s), and in some cases, blocking or denying suspicious transactions. 

Accordingly, due to a heightened level of concern for increased fraudulent activity The Peoples Bank is currently blocking signature-based debit card transactions in certain states and foreign countries as noted below.  Please note PIN-based debit card transactions are NOT impacted at this time in these states.  Should you experience a transaction denial when conducting a signature-based debit card transaction, always remember to re-try using a PIN-based debit card transaction. 

rev 05/29/2015 The Peoples Bank