Card Guardian Frequently Asked Questions

I used my spouse's Social Security Number (SSN) because the account is in his/her name and the SSN is not working.

You must use the cardholder's SSN.

I have received a new card from the bank, do I need to register that card?

If the card number did not change then Card Guardian will continue to send alerts.  If the debit card has a new number then you will have to re-register the new card number to activate alerts for that card..  

Is there a charge for The Peoples Bank Card Guardian Service.

No, The Peoples Bank provides this service at no additional charge to our customers. (Message and Data Rates May Apply.  Please check with your cellular service provider.)

I’m getting text message alerts now, but they are not fraud, what do I do?

You will receive a text message alert anytime a transaction meets one of the alert criteria. You do not have to do anything if the transaction is valid.  If you think a transaction is fraudulent, reply immediately as instructed. At this point, a Card Guardian Fraud Analyst will block the card and contact you by phone.

What happens if the cardholder doesn’t reply to a text message alert?

Nothing.  If you do not reply to the text message alert within 12-hours, the transaction is considered legitimate and no further action is required.

How do I identify a Card Guardian text message alert?

You will receive a text message from “27576” beginning with the phrase "PEOBK Guardian Alert."

If a cardholder indicates possible fraud in a response to a text message alert, what happens next?

A Card Guardian Fraud Analyst will block the card and contact you by phone.  You will no longer be able to use the debit card.  You must visit the nearest branch of The Peoples Bank to order a new debit card.

Do cardholders receive renewal notifications?

Yes, the Card Guardian service is renewed annually and a reminder text message will be sent to you with renewal instructions. 

Some mobile service providers require a 30-day subscription reminder message to their customers participating in The Peoples Bank Card Guardian Alert program. The text message will display as “Reminder: You have subscribed to Card Guardian transaction alerts from The Peoples Bank. Message and data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to cancel.”


Card Guardian Terms of Service